Minneapolis Storm Youth Hockey

2021-2022 MHA BOD Application


MHA Board of Directors Application

All board members must participate in all background screening processes that are required by USA Hockey and/or MN Hockey. Candidates must be residents of Minneapolis and “members in good standing” (that is, paid in full with no disciplinary restrictions) in Minneapolis Hockey. All voting members of the board are volunteers and are not compensated. Members of the Board of Directors receive Association Volunteering credit through their board work. Board members are expected to fully participate in Team Volunteering for each of their players’ teams throughout the season. Board members may apply to coach or manage teams, if desired. Board members are expected to attend a minimum of 9 monthly board meetings per fiscal year (June 1 through May 31), typically held the third Monday of each month.


Please direct questions to:

Tim Hanson


Phone: 612.799.4485